Friday, October 28, 2011

More Wall Street Awesomeness.

God bless this student and others like her who actually get it!

(And I've graciously accepted $16million from Wall Street in 2012 campaign contributions so far.... More than all the GOP candidates combined. But whatever.)

I just don't remember anyone holding a gun to my head, forcing me to sign a student loan...

Okay, maybe this isn't Wall Street specific, but it might as well be. And it's funny.

Guess why I don't have an iPhone. Because I can't afford one. Weird.


Even more priceless.

If a 13 year old gets it....
(Sorry for the curse word.)

The lack of "will work for" signs at the occupations never dawned on me until I came across this cartoon. Pretty interesting, no?

'Nuff said.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Oh, Wall Street.......

Thought I'd share some of my favorite "Occupation" images with you.... (Wasn't "occupation" considered a bad thing when it applied to Russia and Germany?)
Enjoy these for starters and look for more to come!

Apparently a large portion of occupiers don't just hate "Big Business", they hate "Big Deodorant", too.

Ummmmm............ Sooooooo......... Corporate bailouts are bad, buuuuuut the UAW bailout was different?
Looks like someone forgot they got a bailout, too. Oops!

Genius:  Bashing rich Jews while sporting the logo of one of the most luxury watchmaker in the world, whose  Chairman & CEO just happen to be, um, Jewish.


I particularly like the rocket science bit. (Inside joke.)

Clearly his colleg edjukashun should have been free...

In the interview, this woman says, "Jews have been run out of 109 countries in history, and they need to be run out of this one."  ...... Because that makes a TON of sense coming from someone whose people have been discriminated against. Oh, and she's a teacher. Yeah.

I didn't know that being patriotic made you look old & frumpy, but I totally agree with the rest...

Like I said about the anti-semitic dude in the Movado hat.....

More to come!!