Monday, August 6, 2012

Obama On Voting: Dead People Can, Military Can't.

Let's be honest. You can't even get out of bed in this country without a photo ID. Still, for whatever reason, Democrats and the Obama administration refuse to acknowledge that requiring an ID to vote is okay, given that you can't even check out a library book without one (stupid racist libraries). So, if Democrats are so concerned about voter suppression, why has President Obama filed a lawsuit in Ohio to rob men and women in the military of their right to vote? Obama's campaign team is challenging a law that passed with wide bipartisan support, giving military men and women a three day extension to cast their vote. Could it be because the dead / ineligible voter contingent tends to vote Democrat (over 5,000 in Colorado in the 2008 election) while our military has a long history of voting Republican? Yep. Here's why:

In Florida, election officials discovered 53,000 dead people still registered to vote and purged them from their voter rolls. More impressively, they discovered 186,000 NON-CITIZENS had registered to vote and began purging them from rolls as well. Luckily for the departed and ineligible voters, Attorney General Eric Holder had their back and DEMANDED Florida cease purging them from the rolls.... Um...huh? I'm all about fighting for and protecting our rights as Americans, but last time I checked, those rights weren't extended to non-breathers and citizens of other countries. Sadly, Florida isn't the only state facing this problem.

In Virginia, hundreds of residents complained to the state Board of Elections after receiving voter registration forms in the mail that were addressed not only to dead people and non-citizens, but to CHILDREN and FAMILY PETS. The Romney campaign asked for an investigation into the situation, but alas, there will be no probe and Romney's request was (of course) labeled as an "attack on democracy"... Seriously???
My brain is starting to bleed and these are just two examples of the MANY ridiculous attempts by Dems to protect the votes of the dead and ineligible they need in order to win.

Maybe I should have stopped looking for logic in this administration long ago, but for some reason, I continue to be amazed. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take 2 minutes to sign this petition and join ACLJ's fight to protect the voting rights of the men and women who spend years fighting to protect ALL of our rights!  (But only if you believe the men & women who spend years away from their families being shot at, blown up, tortured physically and psychologically, mutilated and decapitated fighting for the rights of those deceased, non-American voters deserve the same rights themselves....)