Thursday, June 28, 2012

No, Nancy Pelosi, It's Not About Voter Suppression. It's About A MURDERED U.S. Agent. The End.

LawdaMERCY, the field day the left would have with Nancy Pelosi if she were conservative!  Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann have nothing on her. Nothing. Not even combined. First, there was the "We have to pass the bill so you can find out what's in it" (I can't even comment on that one...), followed by the "There's something I know" incident with Newt (someone on an ETHICS Committee releasing privileged information....that's rich.), and now Nancypants is leading the way (no...literally) on accusing the GOP of having some racist, political agenda behind the vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in Contempt of Congress.
Is this woman for real??

In an(other) epic failure to paint herself as some civil rights champion among the ranks of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks, Pelosi marched right out of the U.S. Capitol yesterday, leading members of  "her" Congressional Black Caucus (I'm still confused about that one...) and other Democrats when the clock struck vote time.
(Check it... Almost thought she was Jesus. Then I realized it's a pantsuit, not a robe.)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Obama's Evolution, Part Deux: Exercising Executive Privilege

Well, well, well.... Let's start with this little gem of a video.

Oops. Well thank goodness for yet another evolution on the part of the Top Dog, or the Attorney General would be screwed (No, "dog" is not a racial slur, thanks.). As if "Fast and Furious" wasn't a large enough slap in the face, White House spokesman Dan Pfeiffer made this statement in response to the House Committee's recommendation to hold Holder in contempt:

“With millions of Americans still struggling to pay the bills, Republicans announced at the beginning of this year that one of their top priorities was to investigate the administration and damage the president politically..... We are 10 days away from the expiration of federal transportation funding which guarantees jobs for almost a million construction workers because Congress hasn’t passed a transportation bill. We are 11 days away from nearly seven and a half million students seeing their loan rates double because Congress hasn’t acted to stop it. But instead of creating jobs or strengthening the middle-class, Congressional Republicans are spending their time on a politically-motivated, taxpayer-funded election-year fishing expedition,”

Mmmkay, soooo..... This administration and Congressional Democrats have spent MONTHS talking about who should pay for a woman's birth control and the fact that a dude on the radio called someone a slut, but addressing the lies surrounding a secret operation that resulted in the illegal transfer of over 1600 assault weapons, as well as the deaths of an American Border Patrol Agent and hundreds of Mexicans is nothing more than a fishing expedition to damage the president politically??? And it isn't just birth control. Their entire agenda this year has been to shift focus to any number of comparably insignificant issues to keep focus off of the train wreck that is Obama's presidency.... Birth control. Gay marriage. Student loans. Rush Limbaugh. The non-existent war on women. The certain death that will come with Voter ID laws. Mitt Romney: Ponytail Slasher. Trayvon Martin (with all due respect). Herman Cain's imaginary harassment victims. SOFT DRINKS AND WHAT A 4 YEAR OLD GIRL TAKES TO SCHOOL FOR LUNCH, for crying out loud! Okay, I have to stop before I yak up my lunch (which, coincidentally, was not chicken nuggets...the food our government thinks is somehow healthier than a turkey & cheese sandwich).

You know, I'm starting to understand Michelle Obama's declaration of pride for her country for the first time ever.... except the opposite... because for the first time ever, I'm actually ashamed of my country. Ashamed that the Obama administration places more value on its pride than on a man who gave his life in service to his country. Ashamed that this administration has no desire to get to the bottom of such a botched operation and hold those responsible accountable. Ashamed that the American people are not outraged over this tragedy and demanding justice (Maybe we should change Brian Terry's last name to Halliburton...). And more than anything, I am BEYOND ashamed that more than 500 days after Terry was murdered, President Obama has yet to apologize or even acknowledge Terry's parents and family and the devastating pain that has been their lives for the last year and a half. Nothing. Not a single word. He had words for Trayvon Martin's parents in a public address from the White House Rose Garden, but for a U.S. AGENT'S parents? Nothing.

Then there's Al Sharpton. Fair, unbiased Al Sharpton STILL hasn't shut up about Trayvon Martin (God rest his soul). Despite George Zimmerman having a broken nose, multiple head wounds, a lower back injury and more, the great Rev. won't stop until he has convinced every life form on this planet that Trayvon's death was an intentional, racially motivated hate crime. Yet, for some reason, he doesn't believe in the same justice when it comes to Brian Terry's death. The bad guys in this case aren't the actual murderers, but the people demanding the murderers come clean. Amazing.

Does ANYONE in this administration have a heart? Aren't they supposed to be the party of compassion? 'Cause I'm having a hard time finding the compassion here.... Deceit, disrespect, and lies? Yes. Compassion, no. I can't shake the feeling that had this happened under Bush's watch, justice would have been demanded by the very people suppressing justice today. Though, if you ask White House Mouse Jay Carney, he'll tell you it's still Bush's fault since Fast & Furious started during his presidency (which it didn't). Only problem is....if any of the documents Holder and Obama are hiding implicated Bush and/or exonerated Obama, they would have handed them over in a heartbeat. Nice try, though.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

If Republicans Talked Like Democrats.... Immigration

Barack Obama (once again) circumvented Congress and the process by which laws have been made and passed in this country for oh, over 200 years to push and implement his personal agenda (part of which is to earn votes) when it comes to immigration and the DREAM Act.

If Republicans talked like Democrats: President Obama wants American children to starve to death by taking jobs from their parents and giving them to illegal immigrants.


Monday, June 11, 2012

If Republicans Talked Like Democrats......

If you're breathing, you're well aware of how the mainstream media treated Sarah Palin during the 2008 campaign and continues to do so to this day....
Stop for a minute and think about what the left would say about the attacks on her if she were a Democrat! The phrase "war on women" would be flying ALL OVER the place. We would be boycotting every media outlet and personality that exists. N.O.W. would be raging. But no... It's totally fine to bash conservative women, right? <shrugs>

If You Don't Like Barack Obama, You Might Be Racist..... Um, No.

Hey, here's a new one! You don't like Obama? You're racist.
The Congressional Black Caucus, in their inability to defend President Obama's record, is yet again diverting attention away from issues that actually matter to point the finger of racism at conservatives (again) who disagree with Obama's (failed) policies and believe him to be harmful to our nation as a whole.

Here's the thing...

If having a problem with the $5,000,000,000,000.00 he has added to our debt in the mere 3 years he has been in office makes me racist, call me racist.
If having a problem with an unemployment rate that lingers between 8% - 10% makes me racist, call me racist.
If having a problem with the net worth of the American household dropping 40% since he took office makes me racist, call me racist.
If having a problem with a president ordering military invasion of other countries without the required Congressional approval makes me racist, call me racist.
If having a problem with a president spending millions of our tax dollars each week on White House parties for celebrities and the American Elite and on extensive, exotic vacations for his family while the rest of us struggle to put food on our tables makes me racist, call me racist.
If having a problem with the gross infringement of our first amendment rights to the extent of wire tapping, databases of all social media action, drones all over America spying on its citizens, and the military authority to detain any American citizen at any time without just cause makes me racist, call me racist.
If having a problem with a president continually throwing Israel under the bus while claiming to have done more for their national security than any other president makes me racist, call me racist.
If having a problem with a president who so partisan that he puts down and chastises the other party and always speaks down to the American people as if we are inferior makes me racist, call me racist.
If having a problem with a president who disregards our legislative process by repeatedly circumventing Congress by signing executive orders for his own agenda makes me racist, call me racist.
If having a problem with a president who wants the American people to support a trillion dollar jobs plan when his $800,000,000,000.00 jobs plan didn't create any jobs makes me racist, call me racist.
If having a problem with a president who does nothing to lower the $4.00/gallon cost of gas when he and every other Democrat in the country bashed his predecessor for high gas prices (that were lower than they are now) makes me racist, call me racist.
If having a problem with a president who refuses to claim any responsibility for the state of our economy and does NOTHING to fix it or point us in the direction of recovery (because he's too busy blaming the last guy) makes me racist, call me racist.
If having a problem with a president who promised to close Guantanamo Bay but instead spent hundreds of millions of U.S. tax dollars to build the prisoners a state of the art soccer stadium makes me racist, call me racist.
If having a problem with a president who vetoes a gas pipeline that would create tens of thousands of U.S. jobs and greener oil transport, but gives tens of billions of tax dollars to "green" energy companies that cease operation, close the doors, lay off workers and declare bankruptcy so they don't have to repay their "loans" makes me racist, call me racist.
If having a problem with a president's extensive past associations with radical Marxists, Communists, Lenninists, Socialists, and violent activists (a.k.a. terrorists) makes me racist, call me racist.
If having a problem with a president forcing a nationalized healthcare system on the American people that will cost taxpayers $2,000,000,000,000.00 and leave many Americans without access to needed care because they don't fall within the perimeters set by government review panels makes me racist, call me racist.
If having a problem with a president who fails to keep virtually every promise he made to the American people on the campaign trail makes me racist, call me racist.

If it is possible to dislike Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann or Hillary Clinton for any reason other than the simple fact that they're women, it's possible to dislike Barack Obama for any reason other than the simple fact that he's (half) black.  If any of the things above make me racist, call me racist. Otherwise, call me a patriot. 'Cause that's what I am. Now go focus on the real issues, thanks.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Why I DON'T Support Obama...

I am so over the "Why I Support Obama" poster all over the internet, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc... Pretty much the entire poster is incorrect, which is kind of funny, because it's even praised on the president's own website! Why I'm still shocked that he and his administration don't mind misreporting (cough-cough LYING cough-cough) information to the American people is a mystery, but somehow I am. Why I'm still shocked that people believe whatever they read on the internet without fact-checking it themselves is even more of a mystery... To that point, I couldn't help but correct the gross misrepresentation of facts listed on the poster in hopes that America might take notice and research the facts themselves (I did). To wit...

I know it's hard to read in this format, so here ya go:
1. CBO (Congressional Budget Office) now says the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) will cost TWICE what was predicted - $2TRILLION of OUR tax dollars. It also will kill a MILLION U.S. obs, cut Medicare by $500BILLION, de-fund mammograms & breast cancer screenings for MILLIONS of women in need (see your #3), and raise 18 taxes on the middle class.
2. Obama didn't end the war in Iraq. Bush did. Under the Status of Forces Agreement he made with Iraqi gov't in 2008. Obama asked for our troops to stay there longer. They said no. More than TWICE as many troops have died in Afghanistan in Obama's 3 years than in Bush's 8. Obama just made an agreement to keep our troops there 10 MORE YEARS.
3. Women already have access to free preventative health care if they need it (except the millions of women who don't have access under O-care ^ #1).
4. 2 years after signing LLFPA, women on Obama's staff make 18% LESS than men. 92.3% of the jobs lost under Obama were held by women. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
5. Obama has spent $34BILLION of OUR tax dollars on creating green jobs... overseas. He vetoed the Keystone Pipeline that would have created tens of thousands of U.S. jobs (or more) and provided greener oil transport. He has given TENS OF BILLIONS of OUR dollars to at least 12 companies that promised to create green jobs and cleaner energy, but closed shop, laid off workers, and filed bankruptcy instead; all before producing anything.
6. College tuition has increased almost 500% in 25 years. Why are we blaming banks, not schools, for (voluntarily acquired) crippling student loan debt? For perspective, overall inflation for that time period is only 100%...
7. Obama hand-picked for his jobs czar Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of GE, who has paid $0 in taxes the last few years, despite record profits, AND has sent TENS OF THOUSANDS of U.S. jobs overseas. Wall Street has given Obama more $ than all GOP candidates combined. If the 1% were taxed 100% of their net worth, it would only run this country for a few days. Obama's policies hurt the poor and middle class...not millionaires and billionaires.
8. Unemployment was 7.8% when Obama took office. Since then, it has stayed between 8% and 10%, despite a TRILLION DOLLARS spent on jobs stimulus packages that he said would keep unemployment under 8%. Labor force participation is at its lowest level since 1981. Actual unemployment is around 15%, not 8%. Jobs lost vs. jobs "created" under Obama = net LOSS, not gain. You can't turn the Titanic around in a day, but a good captain can at least get it pointed in the right direction in 3 years. Obama hasn't, and we're sinking fast.
 Your vote for him was based on promises he hasn't kept. He has added $4Billion to our debt EVERY DAY he has been in office We're paying record gas prices during record unemployment. As a fellow American, I strongly urge you to reconsider your vote.

 Amazing, how easy it is to do a little research before posting stuff on the internet...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Left, Party Of Millions, Your Table Is Now Ready. Wisconsin Will Be Your Server.

Let's see if I have this right... Democrats cry racism and injustice over stricter voter ID laws and regulations, then accuse the Republican candidate of cheating when he wins.... Despite the fact that investigation upon investigation has revealed tens of thousands of votes cast by ineligible (nice word for illegal and/or dead) voters PER STATE. Priceless. The PEOPLE of Wisconsin have spoken. Loudly. TWICE. Why is it that when the majority of THE PEOPLE vote against the left, it isn't enough? They have to cry foul and try to find a way around what THE MAJORITY of THE PEOPLE want?? It happened in Cali on Prop 8, it happened in NC on Amendment 1, and now it's happening in Wisc with Governor Walker. I assure you, had the vote turned out differently, proclamations that THE PEOPLE had spoken would abound. Classic. P..S... You can't vote in union elections without proper ID. Oopsies!!