Monday, November 29, 2010

Feel Me Up, Please.

Looking for a cheap thrill? Fly the friendly skies. Book yourself a flight to anywhere and get to second base before you ever leave the ground (makes for good foreplay to the mile-high club?). Oh, were the TSA a pubescent male, his life would be so good...
Seriously, TSA??? Seriously??
Whoever thought the new security checks by the TSA at airports would be well received by ANY of the American public needs major therapy. Since its inception, this new system has been nothing but a nightmare to travelers (just in time for Thanksgiving, thanks....pardon the pun) and has generated story after story that give us a good laugh; but truth be told, we're only laughing because the circulating reports are too disturbing to truly face. A breast cancer survivor made to remove her prosthetic breast.... An incontinent man made to soil himself by too much pressure applied to his abdomen during his "pat down".... Subjecting young children to being practically felt-up (now there's a good job for a Pedophile).... Really? This is necessary? know...the threat of a 4yr old white kid stuffing a bomb in his Spiderman Underoos is HUGE... Are you kidding me?!?!?! Common sense, America. It's called common sense. And fact. This is where political correctness has gotten us, and it's crap. Pure, total crap. At what point did it become more appropriate to avoid offending a group of people who don't live in this country (and want to kill us, by the way... I'm no genius, but I think I'd rather be offended than killed... Don't quote me on that.) than to protect the men, women, and children who DO?
Racial profiling. Do it. It works. Call me prejudiced for saying it, but come on... we all know the terror attacks committed on our soil and around the world are not carried out by 4yr old white kids...or Buddhist Monks...or Hindu Gurus... Facts are facts, whether or not they "offend" the accused. So why must we ignore those facts for the sake of political correctness??
1993 WTC Bombing: Radical Islamists.
1998 US Embassy bombing in Kenya: Radical Islamists.
2000 USS Cole in Yemen: Radical Islamists.
2001 9/11 Attacks: Radical Islamists.
2002 Bali Nightclub Bombing: Radical Islamists.
2004 Madrid Train Bombings: Radical Islamists.
2005 London Subway Bombings: Radical Islamists.
2008 Mumbai Bombings: Radical Islamists.
2009 Ft. Hood Massacre: Radical Islamist.
2009 Attempted "Underwear Bomb": Radical Islamist.......................
Shall I go on?
We are America. Greatest nation in the world. And in many ways, the smartest nation in the world. So why do we have to be so dumb when it comes to our national security? Why is America looking for a threat in a place it has NEVER existed (all the men, women, & children being molested at the airport) just for the sake of being "fair"? Really... I don't get it. I'm not saying all Muslims are terrorists...but I'm willing to make a bet that most of the ones who prefer wearing vests of TNT rather than polyester are. And I could be wrong, but I have a feeling that most American Muslims might understand a lil hightened security thrown their way.... I could be wrong, but I'm just saying. As a white chick with red hair, I gotta say.... You take the above listed attacks and change "Radical Islamists" to "Red-Headed White Chicks", I'm gonna understand when I get pulled out of line waiting to board a flight for the sake of security... And while it may be a little inconvenient and annoying, I'm probably also going to be thankful that my government is more concerned with our national security than it is with hurting my feelings.....
I'm just sayin'.

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