Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Republi.. Wait, No, The DEMOCRAT War On Women

A conservative media personality calls Sandra Fluke a slut and America goes into a full-on rage for months... Advertisers are pressed to pull their ads, people are told to boycott his show, every Democrat politician weighs in, NOW calls for war... It's ALL we hear from every media outlet, journalist, celebrity, politician, and...well...just about everyone, 24 hours a day for two months.
A liberal media personality publishes a photoshopped picture of conservative S. E. Cupp, made to look like she's performing oral sex - WITH A PENIS IN HER MOUTH - and... Crickets. Nothing. Except (surprisingly) from the women on The View; most specifically, Whoopi Goldberg (thank you!).  Rachel Maddow discussed the Sandra Fluke incident every day for months, but surprisingly has yet to come out in defense of her fellow female journalist... Roseanne Barr went so far in several interviews and numerous tweets to say S. E. got what she deserved (cough-cough-poorthingisjustjealous-cough)... Seriously??

I searched some sites that appeared to be outraged over the degrading of women a few months ago during the Sandra Fluke debacle for articles and references to both incidents. Based on the results, I'm having a hard time understanding how Republicans are the ones waging a war on women. I was so appalled by the results that I had to post them. Enjoy...

Huffington Post
Sandra Fluke: 17,500
S. E. Cupp: 0
Sandra Fluke: 35
S. E. Cupp: 0
Sandra Fluke: 83,900
S. E. Cupp: 0

Sandra Fluke: 134
S. E. Cupp: 0

New York Times
Sandra Fluke: 441
S. E. Cupp: 1

I'll stop there because I'm just getting mad again. I can't believe I'm spending any time on the diversion disguised as a war against women, but I'm sick and tired of the hypocrisy from the left; especially when it comes to this issue. Last time I checked, acceptable treatment of women didn't come with an exclusion clause for conservatives. Apparently I was wrong.

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