Sunday, June 10, 2012

Why I DON'T Support Obama...

I am so over the "Why I Support Obama" poster all over the internet, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc... Pretty much the entire poster is incorrect, which is kind of funny, because it's even praised on the president's own website! Why I'm still shocked that he and his administration don't mind misreporting (cough-cough LYING cough-cough) information to the American people is a mystery, but somehow I am. Why I'm still shocked that people believe whatever they read on the internet without fact-checking it themselves is even more of a mystery... To that point, I couldn't help but correct the gross misrepresentation of facts listed on the poster in hopes that America might take notice and research the facts themselves (I did). To wit...

I know it's hard to read in this format, so here ya go:
1. CBO (Congressional Budget Office) now says the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) will cost TWICE what was predicted - $2TRILLION of OUR tax dollars. It also will kill a MILLION U.S. obs, cut Medicare by $500BILLION, de-fund mammograms & breast cancer screenings for MILLIONS of women in need (see your #3), and raise 18 taxes on the middle class.
2. Obama didn't end the war in Iraq. Bush did. Under the Status of Forces Agreement he made with Iraqi gov't in 2008. Obama asked for our troops to stay there longer. They said no. More than TWICE as many troops have died in Afghanistan in Obama's 3 years than in Bush's 8. Obama just made an agreement to keep our troops there 10 MORE YEARS.
3. Women already have access to free preventative health care if they need it (except the millions of women who don't have access under O-care ^ #1).
4. 2 years after signing LLFPA, women on Obama's staff make 18% LESS than men. 92.3% of the jobs lost under Obama were held by women. (Bureau of Labor Statistics)
5. Obama has spent $34BILLION of OUR tax dollars on creating green jobs... overseas. He vetoed the Keystone Pipeline that would have created tens of thousands of U.S. jobs (or more) and provided greener oil transport. He has given TENS OF BILLIONS of OUR dollars to at least 12 companies that promised to create green jobs and cleaner energy, but closed shop, laid off workers, and filed bankruptcy instead; all before producing anything.
6. College tuition has increased almost 500% in 25 years. Why are we blaming banks, not schools, for (voluntarily acquired) crippling student loan debt? For perspective, overall inflation for that time period is only 100%...
7. Obama hand-picked for his jobs czar Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of GE, who has paid $0 in taxes the last few years, despite record profits, AND has sent TENS OF THOUSANDS of U.S. jobs overseas. Wall Street has given Obama more $ than all GOP candidates combined. If the 1% were taxed 100% of their net worth, it would only run this country for a few days. Obama's policies hurt the poor and middle class...not millionaires and billionaires.
8. Unemployment was 7.8% when Obama took office. Since then, it has stayed between 8% and 10%, despite a TRILLION DOLLARS spent on jobs stimulus packages that he said would keep unemployment under 8%. Labor force participation is at its lowest level since 1981. Actual unemployment is around 15%, not 8%. Jobs lost vs. jobs "created" under Obama = net LOSS, not gain. You can't turn the Titanic around in a day, but a good captain can at least get it pointed in the right direction in 3 years. Obama hasn't, and we're sinking fast.
 Your vote for him was based on promises he hasn't kept. He has added $4Billion to our debt EVERY DAY he has been in office We're paying record gas prices during record unemployment. As a fellow American, I strongly urge you to reconsider your vote.

 Amazing, how easy it is to do a little research before posting stuff on the internet...


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  2. Look, some of the things that you say are correct - like #2, but there are so many gross exaggerations and false statements throughout out this post that its really no better (and probably worse) than pro-Obama thing that its up against. Going off of news stories and not independent analysis is dangerous.

  3. Spewing the lies for Fox News and Rush Limbaugh just shows how uneducated you are. I.e., #1. the ACA has even made your life better, as for millions of others. The ACA has allowed all families to have affordable heath insurance, a necessary addition to daily life. It also prevents hospitals from being overcrowded, and allows taxes to not increase since taxpayers are not wasting taxmoney on those who do not have insurance. This also allows that taxmoney to pay for education and jobs.
    As for #4, If you read the actual LLFPA, there is no possible way females could make less than male counterparts. Obama has clearly made efforts to enforcing "All men are created equal" as stated in our United States Constitution.
    As for #6, Obama has been in office for 4 years now. Not 25. Also, schools only raise tuition because they do not receive the necessary funds, from the government. Thanks to Bush, education cuts GREATLY increased, and Obama has been changing that. giving money to schools and removing cuts.
    And #7 is completely wrong. Obama has raised taxes on the 1% and lowered taxes on the middle and poor class. He has passed bills the apply taxes specifically to the 1% and do NOT affect those making less than 500k a year.
    On the topic of #8. yes, when Obama took office in 2008, it was below 8%. but in the first few months, it shot up to 12%. NO president can do that much damage in the first few months. This is also when Bush's TARP came into play, destroying our economy. Since then, Obama has lowered it back down to below 8%. It makes no sence as to why he would bring it up so high so fast, just to bring it back down. He wouldn't.

    If you think Obama is bad for this nation, I scared to see who you're voting for. Romney plans to cut taxes, increase spending, and lower the national debt. Even Fox reports say the math doesn't add up. And you know Romney is bad when he cant even answer one word. "How?"