Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Left, Party Of Millions, Your Table Is Now Ready. Wisconsin Will Be Your Server.

Let's see if I have this right... Democrats cry racism and injustice over stricter voter ID laws and regulations, then accuse the Republican candidate of cheating when he wins.... Despite the fact that investigation upon investigation has revealed tens of thousands of votes cast by ineligible (nice word for illegal and/or dead) voters PER STATE. Priceless. The PEOPLE of Wisconsin have spoken. Loudly. TWICE. Why is it that when the majority of THE PEOPLE vote against the left, it isn't enough? They have to cry foul and try to find a way around what THE MAJORITY of THE PEOPLE want?? It happened in Cali on Prop 8, it happened in NC on Amendment 1, and now it's happening in Wisc with Governor Walker. I assure you, had the vote turned out differently, proclamations that THE PEOPLE had spoken would abound. Classic. P..S... You can't vote in union elections without proper ID. Oopsies!!

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