Friday, July 6, 2012

Someone Skipped Math Class At Harvard.... June 2012 Unemployment Numbers

Let's talk numbers. Unemployment ones. I mean, we all know the private sector is doing just fine.....which is why it produced exactly 1,000 jobs less than the number of people who went on disability last month.... 84,000 and 85,000 respectively. Seriously?  Why is Mitt Romney not destroying Obama in the polls?  Why haven't I seen any ads that highlight the mess of numbers that are our economy and labor force under this guy?? I've seen plenty of Obama ads bashing Romney over (factually incorrect) numbers from Massachusetts under his watch, but COME. ON. MITT! This incumbent is handing you pure gold and you're flushing it down the drain. Uh.......?? It's this simple...

14.4% unemployment among African-Americans (Pretty sure the media would pounce on that one under a Republican administration....)
23.7% unemployment among teens
11% unemployment among Hispanics (Ditto above parenthesis.)
41.9% of the unemployed have been so for over 27 weeks.
766,000 more women unemployed now than when Obama took office (Annnnnd ditto parenthesis. Again.)
(figures from

Here's the thing. I didn't go to Harvard (or maybe I did and I just sealed every document that pertains to my enrollment), but I know a little bit about math and numbers... And them numbers ain't good.

Come on, America. This is serious. Bring. on. the. CHANGE, y'all!

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