Monday, February 25, 2013

Ladies And Gents, The First Celebrity Of The United States! And A Little Irony, To Boot.

Let me get this straight...

FLOTUS presents the Oscar for best picture at the Academy Awards last night..... and it's for a film about an administration that goes to great length to rescue diplomats from a hostile situation in a nation full of anti-American, militant Islamists, and actually brings them home without losing a single one of them?

Seriously?? GAHHH, the irony.

My favorite part was when she said "And the Oscar goes to.... Argo! You know... same as Benghazi, only no one died, the administration answered the request for rescue, and my husband didn't lie through his teeth to cover it up."

Okay, maybe she didn't say that. But she did wear a sweet Naeem Khan couture gown and some bangin' blinged out earbobs. You know, 'cause she's in touch with the little people (gag).

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