Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lamestream, Sheeple, And A Woman I Adore.

This. Woman. Rules.

I could read "Atlas Shrugged" a hundred times and still find new passages that relate to America today to an insane degree. Came across this little gem today and wanted to share....

Rumors went spreading through the country in whispers of cynical terror - yet people read the newspapers and acted as if they believed what they read, each competing with the others on who would keep most blindly silent, each pretending that he did not know what he knew, each striving to believe that the unnamed was the unreal. It was as if a volcano were cracking open, yet the people at the foot of the mountain ignored the sudden fissures, the black fumes, the boiling trickles, and went on believing that their only danger was to acknowledge the reality of these signs.

Right???!!? Gah. LOVE Ayn Rand!

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