Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Free Speech: It's For Everyone! Well... You Know..... Except For Some.

Not that I was there or anything, but I'm somewhat of the opinion that when addressing our right to free speech, our founding fathers weren't referring to the right of a grown man to scream obscenities at a 14 YEAR OLD GIRL while she's exercising her own right to free speech and assembly.

The American Tea Party movement continues to be billed as an ignorant, angry, violent, racist organization by virtually all media outlets and the American Left........ most of whom have never attended a Tea Party rally themselves, nor have any idea what the movement is about....or that there are not only black Tea Party members, but whole black tea parties themselves.......... no, America just joins the collective opinion because it's the popular thing to do. Even when evidence and truth prove how wrong they are.

To the contrary, all the union protesters gathering in cities across America to make their voices be heard (and I maintain that the majority of them are protesting for the sake of protesting, because they don't actually know what they're protesting) are admired, applauded, and called "inspiring" by the media and the Left.

In short, the opinion is:
Tea Party rallies are comprised of violent, angry, racist mobs of rich, greedy white people.
Union protests are comprised of peaceful, unfairly treated, oppressed workers exercising their right to free speech and assembly so their voices can be heard by those who oppress them.
I previously blogged about this issue in general (you can read it HERE), but something happened over the weekend that SERIOUSLY disturbed me.  While the union protesters have gathered daily for months in Madison, WI, exercising their right to do so, no one has tried to stop them. No one has threatened them. No one has interrupted them. No one has heckled them. No one has bullied them. No one has overtaken their protests and kept them from speaking. For two months now, they have been allowed to gather in protest. And though there have been counter-protests from Walker supporters, I am unaware of any of them impeding the union workers' rights to assemble.  If I'm wrong, let me know and I'll change that statement.
So while unions have been bussed in to protest every day for months without interruption, I guess some Tea Party peeps assumed they had the same right to do so. But when a 14 year old girl started to exercise her right to free speech....... well, you'll see. **VERY STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING. VERY.**

I know, I know, I can hear it now... they'll say this guy was a plant.  Any Tea Party protester who mouths off is a racist hillbilly, but any pro-union protester who mouths off was planted there. Fine. And what about the hundreds of others heckling the poor girl?

The right to assemble and the right to free speech are guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States of America. Guaranteed RIGHTS. What was it the unions were protesting in the first place? Oh yeah! An INFRINGEMENT ON THEIR "RIGHTS"! But they don't mind infringing on someone else's rights... Huh.... Interesting.

If they had taken one second to actually listen to what this young woman had to say, perhaps they would have realized she made great points.  I can't help thinking that the only problem the Left has with this entire speech is that it didn't come from them.  Remove the phrase "Tea Party" and they would find that everything she says falls directly in line with everything they're fighting for.

Close your eyes, open your mind, and listen to what she has to say. There's a great chance you'll agree with her and her vision for this great nation. It's a mere 7 minutes that just might change you, your life, and how you think. If not, it was just 7 minutes...get over it. (Insert winking face here)

Pretty amazing, if you ask me. Especially for a 14 year old. Barack Obama issued a call for youth around the world to rise up. Be heard. Make a difference. Be the REVOLUTION. I think this is what he meant.

As a side note, at this same rally, the union crowd BOOED the National Anthem. So loudly that it couldn't be heard. Additionally, other video shows numerous union peeps saying things like "God d*** America!", "F*** America!", and the winner, "I wipe my a** every night with the American flag." Last time I checked, there were about 195 countries in the world... And last time I checked, no one is forced to live in this one if they hate it. Just saying. The beautiful irony is that they're living in one of the few countries that allows them to openly express their hateful opinions without the risk of negative consequence. It would be funny if it weren't so sad......

"If we do not come to the defense of the free speech rights of the most unpopular among us, even if their views are antithetical to the very freedom the First Amendment stands for, then no one's liberty will be secure." ~ACLU, South Dakota Chapter website.

One more thing... the African-Americans that are absent from Tea Party rallies (which the Left says makes them racist)..... how many did you count just now among the union protesters?


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