Monday, April 4, 2011

A Sunday Smorgasbord of Stupid (on Monday... 'cause Sunday was a sick day)

1. Barack Obama announced today he will be running for re-election in 2012, to the tune of a ONE BILLION DOLLAR campaign. Are you serious???  Can't wait to see who & where those donations come from.

2.  White City, Oregon... A citizen with the legal right to use medicinal marijuana is being pressured by the county Sheriff to relinquish her legal permit to own a gun.
Uhhh....... because smoking pot to ease your pain from cancer is WAY more dangerous than getting liquored up and shooting your wife?

3. The price of gas has more than doubled what it was when Bush left office and Obama took over. Anyone in the media want to address this? Even just a little bit? Anyone? .....Anyone? ....Bueller?

4.  Acts of violence recently brought to light in any number of Islamic countries warrants US intervention in the name of humanity, but years and years and years of violence against one lone Jewish nation.....not so much?
Annnnnnnnd out of all those Islamic countries and the sole Jewish country, how many are nations that have NOT produced violent radicals who have carried out acts of terror against America / Americans? I can name one........... (Hint: It's not one we're helping so much right now......)
Granted, these other countries are suffering oppression at the hands of their leaders, which is NOT the case in Israel. But they sure are getting bullied by the same tyrannical dictators that are torturing their own people.

5. AFL-CIO and unions across America are holding "We Are One" rallies / protests across America today, standing in solidarity (*vomit) with Martin Luther King, Jr............... On the anniversary of the day he was shot..... in Memphis........ protesting unions and their gross mistreatment of African-Americans.
Good one, unions. Good one. Perhaps you should do a little research on the CIVIL RIGHTS for which he gave his life. You know, the right to live and be treated like a human being, not the "right" to bargain collectively or the "right" to a sweet pension plan paid for by American taxpayers.

6. A recently released study determined that at least 5,000 "citizens" who voted in the 2010 election in Colorado were not actually........ citizens. They were illegal immigrants. And the number of illegal immigrants registered to vote in CO is actually suspected to be much higher, closer to 12,000. Uh..... ??? Whether or not it makes a difference (I'll tell you what I think...), CO's Democratic governor beat the Republican candidate by a very narrow margin... Hmm....
Not that this isn't ridiculous enough on its own, Colorado's Sec. of State (a Republican) who conducted the study (actually) said (with his own mouth), “We don’t have a screen for citizenship on the front end when people register to vote.” UHHHH..........???????????????? Problem?????
Then again, I guess if you don't have to be screened for citizenship to RUN FOR PRESIDENT, it's only fair that you don't have to be screened to vote, either...

7. Last week President Obama received an award for transparency in government from groups that advocate transparency in government.... he was given the award (get this) behind closed doors and without the press having been made aware of the occasion. CLASSIC! Really... it doesn't get much better than that. Although, I do happen to believe he is VERY transparent. VERY. Just not in the ways he promised he would be.

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