Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened On Michele Bachmann's Way To Late Night With Jimmy Fallon......

When Michele Bachmann walked onto the set of "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" on Monday, she was accompanied by Fallon's band playing the song "Lyin' A** B****".  .............Really, Jimmy?  Really, NBC???  Really, NO(championforallwomen'scauseseverywhereregardlessofpoliticalpartyaffiliation)W?

After taking some heat for it, Fallon's band leader / drummer Questlove (The Roots) apologized (if that's what you want to call it) for the tragic um..coincidence(?) with this statement:
“The performance was a tongue-in-cheek and spur of the moment decision. The show was not aware of it and I feel bad if her feelings were hurt. That was not my intention.”
Which is funny, because before her appearance, he tweeted: “late night walkon song devotees: you love it when we snark: this next one takes the cake. ask around cause i aint tweeting title.”
Then after the show, he re-tweeted a fan's post: 
“perfect entry song for her.”

Hmm.... Spur of the moment? Looks to me like the only L.A.B. on Late Night Monday night was Questlove.

Now, two days later, NBC has failed to comment or apologize for the incident.  Nor has their been any comment made or action taken by the Nat'l Organization for Women (who, by the way, is STILL surprisingly silent about the multiple sexual assaults that have occurred at occupy camps around the country).  I'm pretty sure (as Bachmann herself pointed out) that had it been Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton, not only would NOW have rallied behind them with cries of sexism and the insistence that Questlove be fired, but that NBC would have gone out of their way to issue apologies of  the greatest nature, both publicly and privately.  I guess when the target is a strong conservative woman, well.........she deserves it, right?  Maybe Bachmann should hire Gloria Allred to muscle an apology out of NBC...

We (thankfully) live in a country where you are free to dislike Michele Bachmann as a politician or even as a person.  But no matter your politics, there are lines you don't cross.  Turn the tables and I doubt Questlove would be too excited about being welcomed on stage by a derogatory song with the "N" word in the title.  Nor do I think he would appreciate his own mother being mocked by a song with the "B" word in the title.  Michele Bachmann isn't just some woman running for office.  She is a mother.  So, for future reference, Questlove, maybe you can set a rule for yourself that if you wouldn't say it about your own mother, don't say it about any other woman. Period.

Way to have this woman's back, National Organization for WOMEN.  "Actions speak louder than words" comes to mind.......

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