Friday, November 4, 2011

Me & Jesse Ventura? Um...

Just a quick update on Jesse Ventura suit against the TSA for unsolicited airport molestations...

It's a sad day when I agree with Jesse Ventura [she says in a low, raspy, screaming-ish whisper].... Save for the fact that I am NOT giving up on my country, I will ALWAYS stand with hand over heart for the National Anthem, and I will NEVER call my country the Fascists States of America. There may be fascists / marxists / communists / socialists living in my country's house at the present time, but I plan on changing that in November 2012.
(And I'm not a crazy conspiracy theorist, either.)
Oh, and I have it on good authority that Ron Paul would NOT consider Ventura as a running mate, so all you Libertarians can sleep well tonight. Whew.
Okay, maybe I don't actually agree with Jesse Ventura on anything at all, except this whole TSA groping / molesting / invasion of privacy thing.
Sidenote: TSA fired an employee this week for a crude note left inside a passenger's suitcase referencing a sex toy found in the suitcase during inspection.  Kudos to TSA for that.

Click here to read Alex Jones's article on the outcome of the case today:
(I also don't align myself in any way, shape, or form with Alex Jones, either. Not even a little.)

And now the TSA is making random highway stops in Tennessee to look for terrorist-ish-y things on vehicles.  Ron Paul and Don't Tread On Me stickers are on the list, by the way.  Here's to hoping this lawsuit attempt is only one of more to come!

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