Thursday, March 10, 2011


Capitalism SUCKS! Really. I mean...if only we could destroy that pesky, greedy system America has suffered under since its establishment, we could get rid of all those little annoyances that clog up our everyday lives and make them far more difficult than they need to be.


Running water. Electricity. Lightbulbs. Radios. Automobiles. Clothes. Telephones. Televisions. Airplanes. Gaming consoles. Pacemakers. Prescription medicines. Refrigerators. Washing Machines. Dryers. Ovens. Coffee makers. Shoes.....very, very pretty shoes. All the very, very pretty shoes. Bicycles. Showers. Computers. Cell phones. Smart phones. Carpet. CDs. DVDs. iPods. Laptops. Tivo/DVR. iPads. Hairdryers. Curling irons. Air conditioning. Water heaters. Toasters. Stoplights. Gas pumps. Band-aids. Heating pads. Ice packs. Mattresses. Vacuum cleaners. Eye glasses & contacts. Stethoscopes. Blood pressure cuffs. IV bags & tubes. Defibrillators. Vaccines. Chemotherapy. Insulin. Skis. Snowboards. Chairlifts. Asphalt. Tractors. Dynamite. Concrete. Neonatal incubators. Aluminum foil. Railroads. Trains. Ink pens.....

Should I go on?

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