Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wisconsin Teachers: Teach By Doing, Not By Saying.

Let's just say, hypothetically, that a group of students in Wisconsin get together. (Let's just say.) And let's just say for the sake of argument, their common denominator is .... prayer in schools. (Let's just say.)

Let's just say (hypothetically) that prayer isn't allowed in public schools in Wisconsin, and that a group of hundreds, maybe thousands, of students have a problem with that and believe that they have the right to pray in school if they want to. There is, after all, an allowance for freedom of religion in the US Constitution (the document upon which this republic was founded). So let's say these hundreds or thousands of students get together and decide one of their RIGHTS is being trampled upon. In response, they decide as a whole to protest and decide to just not go go school for oh, I don't know.... four weeks or so, in demonstration that their rights must not be infringed upon. Let's say instead of actually attending school, they show up at Wisconsin's capitol building in Madison, carrying signs that say they have a right to pray in school. Let's say they enter the capitol building and camp out there for a month or so, refusing to go to school until their right is returned. And let's say about, or no... exactly 1,000 of them get FAKE doctor's notes to excuse their absence from school.....FOR FOUR WEEKS.

I wonder....... what might actually happen to these students? Would they be excused from four whole weeks of school for not showing up? Or would they all be expelled for their number of absences and providing false documentation to the school system?

I wonder what America's opinion would be of the doctors who provided fake sick notes to the students and how they would be portrayed in the media.

I wonder if the students would be excused by the school system for the extensive amount of time they refused to go to school. I wonder if their voices would be heard and they would be given back the right to pray in school.

I wonder if America truly believes compensation benefits and entitlements are more an actual RIGHT than one that was important enough to be included in our founding document.

I wonder if a thousand children would next year be repeating whatever grade they're in now because they chose to stand up and fight for what they believe in.

I wonder.

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