Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Martin Luther King, Jr.... = AFL-CIO???

"Early morning, April 4. Shots rang out in the Memphis sky. Free at last, they took your life; they could not take your pride." ~U2, Pride: In the Name of Love

They took your life while you were protesting unions, Dr. King, for their gross mistreatment of African-Americans. So when the AFL-CIO and other unions march together across America on April 4 in your name, I pray... PRAY... that you aren't offended that the right of all human beings to be treated equally; as men and not dirty animals based on the color of their skin.... the right for ALL men and women to exist amongst one another without fearing for their lives... the right for all colors and races to attend the same public schools, churches, courthouses, restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, libraries, etc., without being sprayed down with fire hoses, without the threat of being unjustly arrested or shot.... the right to walk down the street and not be met by a lynch mob.... the right for a black man to be paid the same as a white man for doing the same job... the right for a black man who was hurt on the job to receive the same treatment and compensation as a a white man who was hurt on the job... I pray you aren't offended that those rights you fought for - the rights you were fighting for when you were shot and killed - are being equated to the "rights" of union members to a cushy retirement, a great benefits package, and a sweet lifelong pension plan.
In their defense, I believe a lot of people will be marching because they believe what they were told; that you were a champion of their cause. We are naive in this world, and are quick to believe what we are told without questioning it. I have to admit, adding your name to anything makes it sound quite profound. I mean... you ARE Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr...
Something done in sincere honor and tribute to YOU, what you fought for, and what you were KILLED for, I applaud. Exploiting your name to make something sound worthy... now that's just shameful and sad. So on behalf of those who do not know, I apologize. They mean well.

And so you know, sir, your dream is alive. It is very alive. You will not be forgotten.

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