Saturday, March 12, 2011

Peter King: Prejudice or Realist?

(Thanks to some Facebook friends who inspired this blog through a lil debate we had today!)

Is there really even a question? Apparently. I can't believe this is where political correctness has led us. It's one thing to unnecessarily offend a person or group based on unwarranted claims. It's another to question the motives of a large group of people who will all tell you to your face they want to kill you (just before they kill you).
The point of the hearings on the radicalization of Islam is to explore and determine the danger posed to America not the world. Sure, it's a worldwide problem, but if we tried to address the issue worldwide, we'll have to start apologizing for being arrogant.....
I know there are groups all around the world other than radical Islamic Jihadists who commit acts of terror AND genocide. China as a whole practices it everyday. There's Sudan and Darfur. The IRA in Ireland is another example, as is the Lord's Resistance Army in Africa. Some will argue that Israeli Jews are as well. The difference: None of these groups pose the kind of threat to America that we face from RADICAL Islam ("radical" being the key term). We're talking about a group of people who believe from the depths of their souls that their life's mission is to "finish the job that Hitler started"; the only difference being they don't believe only Jews must be eradicated from Earth, they believe ALL Western "infidels" must be wiped from the face of the earth. They don't hide it, they don't disguise it, they don't deny it. Their intent is clear and they claim it proudly. To turn a blind eye and completely ignore for the sake of political correctness what they themselves preach and carry out is pure, unabashed ignorance. Worse than ignorance. There isn't even a word to describe how dangerously stupid it is. Has no one noticed that the only people who haven't expressed outrage at King's suggestion for the hearings are the radical Muslims themselves??!!?! Why is that? Because they aren't offended by someone saying they are a very real, very dangerous threat to America. They couldn't be happier; they're PROUD of it. They celebrate VICTORY in the American government recognizing and validating their cause and intent. They hardly believe in the view that political correctness dictates we not focus solely on them for fear of hurting their feelings. Ironically, the people who are hurling accusations of prejudice and political incorrectness at Peter King and those who share his opinion are the same people radical Muslims WANT TO KILL. Do they even know that?? These people are outraged by political incorrectness against a group that DOESN'T EVEN BELIEVE in political correctness. Not even a little bit. No, their creed is "You don't believe like me? No? Oops, you die." Most of the people opposing these hearings are from the American "left", which I have a hard time understanding because many causes championed by Democrats and liberals are considered acts punishable by death in radical Islam. Not reasons for being ostracized, discriminated against, segregated...... KILLED. Homosexuality? Death. Tolerance for all religions? Death. Extramarital intercourse? Death. Rape victim? Death. And notice I said victim. Not aggressor(s).... And women's rights?!?! Sure.... one cleric stated on the English portion of the Muslim Brotherhood's official website that they believe in women's rights...... and then explained on the Arabic portion that by "women's rights" they mean a woman does not have to have the permission of her husband to carry out a suicide bombing mission. OH! Well, ok, then. Sign me up!
Don't think I'm jaded, though. I know there are numerous terror organizations and radical religious factions in the world (and in America, for that matter), one outweighs them all in number of attacks and number of Americans in the name of their cause. We all know which one it is, we have all witnessed the thousands of lives lost at their hands in the name of their god, and WE have the responsibility of exercising political SENSE, not CORRECTNESS, in owning and ending what is sure to become a reign of terror if we continue to turn blindly away and deny a truth that is staring us in the face.
And for the record, I believe this to be the case for ANY group, organization, radical religious faction, etc., who has as part of their belief system annihilating America and all those who believe differently than they do, no matter if they're Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Pagan, Atheist, Aryan Nation, KKK, or Duke fans. Maybe *especially* if they're Duke fans (*winks*).
After all, what might the world be like today had someone called into serious question the intent of Germany's Nazi party in the 1930s?

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